Sweet Macaw Dreams Beds
Birdie Bunk Beds.
Blue and Gold, Kharma, is resting on top while  Signal, the Military, plays on the bottom bunk.
Owner: Noelle Fontaine
Sweet Dreams
Aspen, Umbrella Cockatoo, settles in for a nap on his birdie bed. Notice he is lying completely down. Owner: Noelle Fontaine
About Birdie Beds
Only in captivity are birds forced to stand on their feet 24 hours 7 days per week. As wild birds fly, their feet are at rest. Most people don't even realize that birds often lie down when they rest and sleep.  You can find evidence of this in your own neighborhood.  I have observed wild birds lying down in trees, right in my own backyard.  As the sun goes down, the birds will climb deep into our palm trees and lie down right at the stem of the leaf.  Several close friends of mine have traveled to Peru and Brazil and reported seeing wild Macaws occasionally resting in similar fashion.

Every night,  my birds eagerly jump on their birdie beds and snuggle down for the night.  This isn't something I have forced on them, they have a choice of sleeping on branches or on their beds. Each morning I still find them on their beds my Eclectus even snuggles under her blanket. 
Birdie Bed Tips and Concerns

Hang your bird's bed in the general area and about the same height, in which he sleeps. 

Remember, birds have no clue as to what a bird bed is, it's up to us to introduce them to the concept and teach them how to use the bed.  Don't get discouraged this may take a little time.

When you first hang the bed in your bird's cage, put toys or treats on top of it to pique his interest.  If possible, I will reach into a bird's cage and rest my head on their bed and either pretend to take a nap or enjoy a snack.  The bird will watch and then climb over to find out what I'm up to.

If hanging your bed with chain,  always cover the chain not only for safety but also for a neater appearance.  Better yet, buy brightly colored plastic chain which is pretty and bird safe.

Hang toys on the bed to distract your bird from attempting to chew it.  This is where a thick  towel also comes in to play- see safety note regarding towels above.

Do not worry that bird beds will promote egg laying.  The beds are completely wide open with no enclosures.  My 8 year old Eclectus hen does not view her bed as a nesting site.  
Easy step-by-step building instructions
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A Safety Note:
Macaw Dreams has heard of a few reports of birds chewing on towels and even getting tangled in the threads.  If your bird is a chewer we would not recommend using a towel on your bird bed.  There are other options such as all cotton sheets or you can purchase doggie crate pads from pet stores.  If you do use a towel, never use one that has any decorative fringes as a toe nail could get caught.